Welcome to the Add2Cart Customization process!

Here is an example of how you can use this website to customize the products in your Add2Cart database

Please note that this example was made for users of Add2Cart Universal. If you use a branded version of the app, such as Add2Cart Lennox or Add2Cart Goodman, it won't let you modify your furnaces and condensers, but it will let you modify your IAQ and Accessories, PLUS, it provides a way for you to keep your main equipment up to date with manufacturer product changes.



This website is in Beta shape - it is slow and buggy, and there is not much error handling. In other words, it will probably be frustrating to use.

BUT - we want you to be able to do more with Add2Cart than you can currently do, and so that is why we are making it available.

Right now, the process is quite tedious - you can only do 1 thing at a time, and every time you make a change, it will take you back to the main screen. But we will continue to work on it, just like we have continued to improve Add2Cart, until it provides the kind of support that you have grown to expect from us.

Eventually, we hope to get to the point where you can accomplish a lot with just the click of a button - things like "Click here to upload a pricing spreadsheet" or "Click here to install the White-Rogers product line" - but until then, please remember that it is only designed to make a few changes at a time, so it will be slow going.

Regrettably, we don't have the capability to offer any type of support. We have done everything we can to explain the process, step-by-step, and hopefully that will be sufficient to allow you to make the changes you want to make. We are in the process of creating instructional videos that will help guide you through the process, but we ask for your patience if you are going to use this website before we are officially up and running.

If you run into trouble, try what you did one more time, but if it doesn't work the second time, it probably won't work if you keep trying. Check to make sure that any files you have uploaded are correct, and then if you like you can send us an email to describe the problem (mail it to Keith@Add2Cart.net ). We probably won't respond to every email we get, but if we get a lot of emails about the same issue, we will move that issue to the top of our list.

We will be continuously working to make the website better - both in terms of improving your capability for making changes and also for improving the convenience of doing so.


Use of this website is strictly voluntary; it is offered simply as a tool that you might find useful to enhance the value of your Add2Cart app. If you try it an don't like it, come back in a month to see if our improvements have made it better for you.